Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Please pray for me

My dear readers, I need your prayer in this trying time.

God has been so good to me but I am going through a rough patch right now.

All I can do is trust in his goodness and pray fervently.


Just pray all will be well with me.


Thursday, 24 July 2008

And they have arrived.....I serve a MIRACULOUS GOD

People I cant shout ooh (Pink Satin style) :)

God has done it again.

Testimony1: Passed my prof exams. Got through to last stage

Testimony2: I got a job. One I have always wanted


Friday, 11 July 2008


My dear readers,

Nothing to blog as yet but.................................

I see a great BIG testimony coming along.....

He LIVES IN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a blessed weekend


Sunday, 6 July 2008


Have u ever felt like things are at a standstill.

The devil tries to make us children of God feel rejected by our heavenly father

Before anything great, we go through trial times but he never departs from us.


Always remember that our heavenly father is.....

EVER KNOWING.....Knows all our concerns

EVER PRESENT........Is everywhere we are

Faithful...................And will never depart from us

Compassionate..........Wants to forgive and will forgive all our sins as long as we are genuinely repentant of them.

The king of all kings.....He is greater than any problems, distress, pressure, anger, failure or anything else the devil tries to inflict in our heads


Saturday, 21 June 2008

Life is such a journey

Hi People!!

Gosh where do I start from. First of all I must begin by saying God is Good and he definitely always has a plan for all of us..if only we listen and believe when he calls.

Anyway to go straight to the point, what I didn't mention in my last post was that I was so close to leaving my job at that time but really didnt want to leave as I felt like I would be a LOOSER giving in to my bosses mean ways so I prayed to God that although I want to leave, I would love if they pulled a redundancy stunt and gave me some good offer so I never get to see her MEAN FACE again....Guess what.....God answered and although it was a very sad process, I was placed in a situation of leave or get fired and was offered not just 4wks notice pay (which by the way was my notice period) but 13 WKS (3 Months) pay...can u guys just imagine what God is doing for me.

Prior to the redundancy meeting, I attended a career conference at church and was inspired to start thinking of a business idea and God has also been faithful in that angle...Lemme just say, I have always been clueless when it comes to an idea but God has opened all arenas for me...

Although I haven't really started this new venture (Lets just say its in the initiation/Development stage of the project) Guys please support and watch out as I shall be blogging about this in the near future.

Do you know what? sometimes in life, a situation can look so bad that a future is shadowed with doubt/fear/oppression....people dont fret for God sees it before you do and he knows how much we can take and what is best so although some might say "I dont know what im onto, I have never believed this much in my GOD cuz i know he definitely is watching over me.

May God bring ideas to you my reader as he has to me and continue to strenthen ur thinking

Last note, read a book by Richard Kiyosaki -Rich dads guide to investing...if u dont have it, get it and a line that stands out and always screams in my head is ...(In my own words- to be successful and rich, individuals need to move away from the security of a paycheck) which is a normal persons initial frame of mind.

God bless you. Please look out as I shall be needing some support in the near future.


Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Dear people, how have you all been.

You know what, I am sooo sorry I havent blogged in a while. No excuses, I have intended to but to be honest I have been facing very trying times of late.

I have recently given my life fully to Christ and I must say its the best decision I ever made but as we all know, trials and temptations will always come which we have to go through but come out in one PIECE as we have a greater source of energy.

As my blog was created to testify the wondrous mercies of God in a real world, I will try to update more often.

I believe, I know, I declare, I am thankful, I give thanks as something GREAT is going to be testified soon.

In the meantime, please remember me in your prayers and leave comments if you so desire as those encourage me...just knowing people out there believe like i do.

I'll be back soon.


Wednesday, 2 April 2008

New Job

New role, new people, new city, better opportunities, more cash in my pocket (more tax as well but we thank God lol)

In my first week at my new job, I went to the loo and almost put my head on the floor thanking God. I got a job in a top retailer working with 3 very intelligent young ladies......wow when i leave in 2009, I will be a top totter, i said to myself...as i must say I like to dream/plan ahead.

So my strategy is: Say what I want, work towards it, pray to God and ask for guidance....if its not for me, he notifies me on time so i prepare for plan B.

Not going into a very long story here but basically, after about 6 months in this role, i found that i was not getting on with my boss. Now she's the sort of person that likes every i dotted, t's crossed and will kill u if u dont sort of thing......

Initially, I thought she was doing me a favour but it all got toooo much when we started clashing.

As a professional, I knew I owed it to my profession to never ever no matter what be confrontational at work but definitely defend myself but own up to mistakes....(although I heard on the apprentice tonight, the successful ones pass on the blame.....) is this true????

Back to the topic at hand, I started to feel like maybe just maybe she didnt like me. I dont know if anyone can relate to being the only ethnic minority person in your team and sometimes feeling no matter how much of an achiever you are, that cards are not always played fairly......

To cut the story short, thats where I am currently at. I am a very quick decision maker but never without the backing of God.....

But this one is way higher than me so I wait on the Lord....I now want to focus on what i want. I know where I want to be, I am prepared to be apprenticised for some yrs to grow and develop but I now want to be 100% satisfied in my job....Dont say its not possible cuz its very possible for God to do..He makes the impossible POSSIBLE.

So I now want to leave my permanent employment and maybe taste the waters abit....focus on my studies (prof. qual.), go for a few contract positions and then after settle on what i really want.

I will keep updating on my decision...will i stick to this or chicken out again.

Who Knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a blessed wk.