Wednesday, 27 February 2008

1st Job

This place was such a big org that it scared me a bit at first cuz as bold as i may seem to some, I am such an introvert sometimes.

On my 1st day, I met a fellow grad and suddenly felt at home as she was oriental so i felt like i had a fellow "minority" there. A couple of months later, an asian chick joined and that was it..we were complete....the 3 musketeers".

I knew in my mind of minds that I wouldnt be there for long, 2 yrs...maybe worse case scenario 1.5yrs :) hmmm "chick i said to myself, why jump the gun, wait for God to decide if you stay up to 3 mths after the probation lol.

The job became so mundane, I wasnt moving forward and decided to take the leap and apply for a diff position in the same company after about 9mths or so.

I will never forget that day, as a matter of fact it was actually quite fun...I had a very interactive panel interview, in my sharp linen suit or at least I thought i looked sharp :), I blapped once again my sensible nonsense in a strategic manner.

I left the interview believing God will do the rest as I had to fly away to the states the next week. The HR lady gave me the impression that I would get a phone call if I was successful... mid week, the phone rings.....wat ooh my God, excitement, feet shaking...mind you it was like 4am in the states cuz of the time diff.........which made me think i had this on lock down...

Before I forget, after the interview .......while still at work, my fone rang. It was the HR lady still trying to find out more by asking more questions and saying that they were really impressed with me.

I am sure you are saying by now "get to the point, you got the job" right?? well I didn't....Y didn't I, i wondered after all that crap....

Being the fighter that I am, I requested for feedback from the guy on return only for him to say he enquired about me and got the impression that i present myself as "agressive" to many....What do i do my dear readers if I am a strong, focused, determined black woman in a new world....If you met me in person, its so contrary to the agressive model they created. A

Anyway, I learnt..the trait they see as agressive is what the good lord God has instilled in me for a reason and that purpose shall come to pass in Jesus name. So I got tired of trying aimlessly and resigned even before getting a job....Now is that believing or what?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

My Humble Beginning

I remember as a kid walking to school with my older brother, not priviledged to have a car take us to school like most kids but now God has blessed me and thats now a story of the past(a memory) or is it?????????

Life back then was a task for my brothers and sisters and as i am the youngest, I have always learnt to be tough and face up to anything in life. Anyhoo, lets get back to today.

Lets forward about 10yrs to today. I am an analyst in a top retailer here in the uk studying for a professional qualification. To most, it might seem like i have a good life which I am not saying I dont and thank God for as we have to give thanks for everything to our author and finisher.

The issue I face is not being able to hold down my job. I have asked myself; "am I to blame?", is this not my destiny? have I upset God.

A slight introduction, I graduated with a good degree some years back. I remember leaving everything and going on a well deserved holiday. I knew I wouldn't struggle to find a job as I am one of those people that can sell an expired cake and make it look like it tastes nice :) when I know it doesnt. Summary, I talk very good sensible nonsense which helps me get through all those interrogative prison talks they now call interviews.

Naive as I was, I was offered a decent salary then in the region of early 20s and as a youngster living at home, i thought to myself u must be stupid to reject this pay. Now what didnt struck me was that I should have considered more of the culture, progression, will i fit in as this was supposedly to be a career and not just a job (Difference being is a job pays bills, a career is ur all and all). There I was in a recognised telecomms company. Did I want to be there? I still ask myself.

Stay tuned for how I got on in this corporation and next steps in my journey to success.

God Bless

Devil is a liar

Hi people!!

I don't know if anyone will ever read this blog but my hope is that someone will. So a lil background of this journal.

I am a follower of Christ who is just living by, still a sinner, trying to be more spiritual but still enjoy life partying et al (when i get to do that lol i trip) but i am just human like everyone else.

I decided to use this forum to aire my frustration/anger whenever I feel down.

This is typically a journal of my journey to success and every substantial milestone i cross in life will be journaled.