Thursday, 21 February 2008

My Humble Beginning

I remember as a kid walking to school with my older brother, not priviledged to have a car take us to school like most kids but now God has blessed me and thats now a story of the past(a memory) or is it?????????

Life back then was a task for my brothers and sisters and as i am the youngest, I have always learnt to be tough and face up to anything in life. Anyhoo, lets get back to today.

Lets forward about 10yrs to today. I am an analyst in a top retailer here in the uk studying for a professional qualification. To most, it might seem like i have a good life which I am not saying I dont and thank God for as we have to give thanks for everything to our author and finisher.

The issue I face is not being able to hold down my job. I have asked myself; "am I to blame?", is this not my destiny? have I upset God.

A slight introduction, I graduated with a good degree some years back. I remember leaving everything and going on a well deserved holiday. I knew I wouldn't struggle to find a job as I am one of those people that can sell an expired cake and make it look like it tastes nice :) when I know it doesnt. Summary, I talk very good sensible nonsense which helps me get through all those interrogative prison talks they now call interviews.

Naive as I was, I was offered a decent salary then in the region of early 20s and as a youngster living at home, i thought to myself u must be stupid to reject this pay. Now what didnt struck me was that I should have considered more of the culture, progression, will i fit in as this was supposedly to be a career and not just a job (Difference being is a job pays bills, a career is ur all and all). There I was in a recognised telecomms company. Did I want to be there? I still ask myself.

Stay tuned for how I got on in this corporation and next steps in my journey to success.

God Bless


shalewa said...

no matter what u do,god is never too upset to stop loving u.don't know what to say but would keep reading ur blog

Godisalive said...

Tx Shalewa. I have quite a long story. waiting on God to let me know best way to relate it :)