Wednesday, 2 April 2008

New Job

New role, new people, new city, better opportunities, more cash in my pocket (more tax as well but we thank God lol)

In my first week at my new job, I went to the loo and almost put my head on the floor thanking God. I got a job in a top retailer working with 3 very intelligent young when i leave in 2009, I will be a top totter, i said to i must say I like to dream/plan ahead.

So my strategy is: Say what I want, work towards it, pray to God and ask for guidance....if its not for me, he notifies me on time so i prepare for plan B.

Not going into a very long story here but basically, after about 6 months in this role, i found that i was not getting on with my boss. Now she's the sort of person that likes every i dotted, t's crossed and will kill u if u dont sort of thing......

Initially, I thought she was doing me a favour but it all got toooo much when we started clashing.

As a professional, I knew I owed it to my profession to never ever no matter what be confrontational at work but definitely defend myself but own up to mistakes....(although I heard on the apprentice tonight, the successful ones pass on the blame.....) is this true????

Back to the topic at hand, I started to feel like maybe just maybe she didnt like me. I dont know if anyone can relate to being the only ethnic minority person in your team and sometimes feeling no matter how much of an achiever you are, that cards are not always played fairly......

To cut the story short, thats where I am currently at. I am a very quick decision maker but never without the backing of God.....

But this one is way higher than me so I wait on the Lord....I now want to focus on what i want. I know where I want to be, I am prepared to be apprenticised for some yrs to grow and develop but I now want to be 100% satisfied in my job....Dont say its not possible cuz its very possible for God to do..He makes the impossible POSSIBLE.

So I now want to leave my permanent employment and maybe taste the waters abit....focus on my studies (prof. qual.), go for a few contract positions and then after settle on what i really want.

I will keep updating on my decision...will i stick to this or chicken out again.

Who Knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a blessed wk.



littleangel4christ said...

It's true that God makes the impossible POSSIBLE. Moreover, there is nothing as good as loving the job you do. U wuldn't hv to drag urself to work. Good job!

Got ur comment: Thanks for droppin by.

Lilian Michael said...

Keep believing in yourself, in your ability and you will get where you want to in life. From your write-up, I can see you are already motivated and believe in what you can do. So go ahead with your plans, God’s direction and I promise the sky is just going to be your steeping stone. All the best girl and keep us posted with your testimonies

littleangel4christ said...

Thanx! actually just reading what you wrote, am blessed to knw am able, to the grace of God, to inspire others...
However, haven't seen an update...dnt give up, keep striving.