Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Dear people, how have you all been.

You know what, I am sooo sorry I havent blogged in a while. No excuses, I have intended to but to be honest I have been facing very trying times of late.

I have recently given my life fully to Christ and I must say its the best decision I ever made but as we all know, trials and temptations will always come which we have to go through but come out in one PIECE as we have a greater source of energy.

As my blog was created to testify the wondrous mercies of God in a real world, I will try to update more often.

I believe, I know, I declare, I am thankful, I give thanks as something GREAT is going to be testified soon.

In the meantime, please remember me in your prayers and leave comments if you so desire as those encourage me...just knowing people out there believe like i do.

I'll be back soon.



Today's ranting said...

Hmmm God is truely alive. He is the essence of our being.

Godisalive said...

tx for stopping by. He really is :)

Omosewa said...

You're on top of every temptation and trial, because the greater one lives in you, never forget.

Have a nice weekend...

30+ said...


That is a partnership which will never fail, you and God = undefeatable.